Doctor Holding Scans and Looking for Internal Injuries | Virginia Truck Accident LawyerAnyone inside a passenger vehicle is likely to suffer major damage when thrown back and forth during a violent collision with a heavy cargo truck. Visible external wounds like cuts and bruises are often less concerning than internal harm that may be lethal if it isn’t treated quickly. Here’s what you need to know about internal injuries in truck collisions and how to pursue a financial recovery.

Don't Suffer the Losses From an Internal Injury in Commercial Cargo Truck Crashes

Any kind of internal damage can be particularly dangerous because there aren’t always noticeable outward symptoms immediately after a truck crash. Because the body releases adrenaline during a stressful situation like a big-rig accident, victims may not feel the pain of internal injuries until hours or even days later.

That is why it is absolutely essential to visit a doctor no matter how you feel after a truck crash. Anyone in the vehicle during the time of the collision will need a doctor to be on the lookout for:

  • Bone fractures (arms, legs, hands, ribs, skulls, etc.)
  • Lack of oxygen reaching the brain
  • Liver tearing
  • Kidney damage
  • Pooling blood due to internal bleeding
  • Ribs puncturing a lung and causing pneumothorax (collapsed lung)
  • Ruptured aorta
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Spleen rupture
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash

Those types of internal injuries can potentially lead to a wide range of life-changing issues, such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Emotional and cognitive impairment
  • Muscle weakness
  • Paralysis
  • Reduced mobility

Any of these internal injuries are likely to involve a significant period of recovery time. Depending on the circumstances, you may end up needing surgeries, medications, or various therapies to handle these medical setbacks. In some cases, victims may need to install adaptive equipment at home to deal with physical difficulties or even seek round-the-clock care in a facility.

We Can Guide You to Settlement Negotiation of a Truck Accident With Internal Injuries

Obviously, surviving victims in a truck accident need some means of covering all these costs. You or any other loved ones hurt in the wreck might need rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy, and even changes to your employment.

The good news is that in Virginia, you have the legal right to pursue damages from the person who caused your injury. If your claim is successful, compensation could arrive through a legal settlement from the trucking company’s insurance. In other situations, you may need to file a lawsuit and take the negligent party to court.

Regardless of which route is necessary, it’s important to follow a specific list of steps for the best chance at a full financial recovery. Following any truck accident in the Richmond area, be sure to:

Alert law enforcement and emergency services to the crash by calling 911

Do not admit guilt in any way when speaking with the officers or the truck driver.

Have someone gather evidence for you if you are immediately taken in an ambulance

Be sure to specifically get the contact information for anyone who saw the wreck, and take photos of the accident scene.

Head to the emergency room and get a full checkup

There’s another important reason to see a doctor quickly besides locating internal injuries early. Seeking medical treatment also begins a verifiable paper trail on your injury, which is crucial to recovering compensation.

Politely refuse to provide a recorded statement to insurance, or to release your full medical records if asked

Instead, have the adjuster contact your lawyer.

Talk to a Virginia personal injury lawyer with experience in truck crash cases

Your attorney can negotiate with the adjuster and help protect you from common insurance company tactics for reducing payouts.

Don't Lose Your Rights or Your Financial Security After a Truck Accident

The main reason to talk with a personal injury lawyer quickly if you suffered internal injuries in a truck accident is to have a legal professional investigate the crash. Your attorney may need to acquire trucking company employment records, video footage, testimony from an accident reconstructionist, and other evidence.

An investigation is also specifically necessary for determining liability. That’s the process of finding which person was responsible for the wreck and presenting the best source of likely compensation. The liable party could be the:

  • Actual driver of the truck
  • Company that employs the truck driver
  • Loading crew that improperly stacked cargo
  • Manufacturer of a truck part that malfunctioned
  • Mechanic shop that performed shoddy repairs
  • Some other party whose negligence directly led to your injury

The at-fault party might be liable due to distracted or drowsy driving, failing to repair broken truck parts, or some other reason. After finding the liable party, the next step is determining exactly how much you are owed in compensation. That process is known as valuing your damages.

After more serious truck accidents, there may be medical expenses that can quickly wipe out your savings. The problem is compounded if the injury gets in the way of your employment. You might not be able to work the same number of hours or could have to find a different job. The accident may also impact any future earnings you would have made if an injury causes permanent disability.

Your lawyer works to ensure the trucking company’s insurance company, or a judge and jury in a personal injury case, are aware of the full and fair amount you deserve. Those damages may cover:

  • Bills for in-patient or out-patient medical treatment, as well as medication and surgical costs
  • Missed paychecks during the recovery period after a Virginia truck accident
  • Non-economic damages if you experienced physical pain, emotional suffering, or reduced quality of life
  • Property damage covering your vehicle repair
  • Wrongful death if a loved one died in the truck crash


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