Don't Lose Your Rights or Your Financial Security After a Truck Accident

The main reason to talk with a personal injury lawyer quickly if you suffered internal injuries in a truck accident is to have a legal professional investigate the crash. Your attorney may need to acquire trucking company employment records, video footage, testimony from an accident reconstructionist, and other evidence.

An investigation is also specifically necessary for determining liability. That’s the process of finding which person was responsible for the wreck and presenting the best source of likely compensation. The liable party could be the:

  • Actual driver of the truck
  • Company that employs the truck driver
  • Loading crew that improperly stacked cargo
  • Manufacturer of a truck part that malfunctioned
  • Mechanic shop that performed shoddy repairs
  • Some other party whose negligence directly led to your injury

The at-fault party might be liable due to distracted or drowsy driving, failing to repair broken truck parts, or some other reason. After finding the liable party, the next step is determining exactly how much you are owed in compensation. That process is known as valuing your damages.

After more serious truck accidents, there may be medical expenses that can quickly wipe out your savings. The problem is compounded if the injury gets in the way of your employment. You might not be able to work the same number of hours or could have to find a different job. The accident may also impact any future earnings you would have made if an injury causes permanent disability.

Your lawyer works to ensure the trucking company’s insurance company, or a judge and jury in a personal injury case, are aware of the full and fair amount you deserve. Those damages may cover:

  • Bills for in-patient or out-patient medical treatment, as well as medication and surgical costs
  • Missed paychecks during the recovery period after a Virginia truck accident
  • Non-economic damages if you experienced physical pain, emotional suffering, or reduced quality of life
  • Property damage covering your vehicle repair
  • Wrongful death if a loved one died in the truck crash


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