Sharing Candid Photos of Daily Activity

It’s not just photos of the accident scene that you should avoid sharing online. Another common social media mistake is posting pictures from your daily life. Your personal injury case may state that you’re in extreme pain, but a photo of you playing at the park with the kids compromises that claim. Insurance companies use surveillance, including social media posts, to reduce or deny your potential settlement amount. 

Among the many myths about truck accident cases is you don’t need a doctor if you feel fine after the crash. This isn’t true. Injuries can develop and worsen over time. You may feel fine doing yard work a couple of days after the truck accident, but your back pain can become much more severe a few days later. But that yardwork photo can weaken your claim later on. 

Setting Your Social Media Profiles to Public

Setting your social media accounts to private while your personal injury case is still outstanding is a good idea. This way, outside investigators won’t have access to your private information, including past social media posts. A public profile leaves you vulnerable.

Accepting New Friend Requests From Strangers

After you’ve updated the privacy settings on your social media accounts, you may start to receive friend requests from people you don’t know. The strangers who seek to follow your updates could be working with the trucking company’s insurer. Attorneys and adjusters are looking for ways to defend against your accident claim

Allowing Tags From Friends and Family

Your own social media posts aren’t your only source of concern. When friends and family post about you online, outside investigators could use those posts as evidence that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim. Talk to your friends and family members about these social media mistakes. Ask them not to post about you or tag you in any photos until the case is closed.

Deleting Social Media Posts You’ve Already Published

Even if you’re worried you may have committed one of the social media mistakes discussed above, don’t delete any existing posts. Lawyers representing the truck driver may have already taken screenshots. If you delete the post, you may be accused of destroying evidence and used by insurance companies to avoid paying your claim. If you’re concerned about old posts, ask the skilled lawyers at The Mottley Law Firm about your best course of action moving forward. 

The Mottley Law Firm Will Help Protect Your Potential Truck Accident Recovery 

Between lost wages and mounting medical bills, as well as emotional trauma and suffering, commercial truck accident claims in Virginia can be incredibly stressful. The laws are often complex and have many stipulations. However, by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer, you’ll improve your chances of receiving fair compensation for your claim. Our skilled truck accident lawyers are dedicated to protecting your legal rights. 

The Mottley Law Firm has a proven track record of success. In one case, we partnered with the Brain Injury Law Center to represent a woman struck by a tractor-trailer in James City County. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and a spinal injury. The outcome of the case was a $1.3 million settlement a few weeks before trial. 

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